Week 1 – 26/09/16

I had some problems getting into this first initial project. The brief was about responding to a detail in the studio space and collaborating with others via descriptive text, however for the first couple of days, I haven’t had much opportunity to collaborate entirely, only work from descriptions found  in the  studio or traded with others. I’m happy however, with the work that I made individually from these descriptions – trying to maintain some semblance of drawing through marking a surface, but expanding in terms of scale and materials used.

I tried to work in the ‘style’ of the text – for example, if the text was very vague/nondescript, I tried to  work very loosely and abstractly – maybe because I was aware of the fact that there were infinite number of possibilities for what the detail  actually was, so I had a  broader approach. Sophia’s description, which turned out to be simply a corner where two cracks didn’t meet; prompted a whole variety of work, from folded paper to larger, split up pieces with curved lines and collage.


In contrast to this, descriptions that I felt had a very definite focus – i.e. Lucy’s tape on a Chair and Alex’s structured description of his space – took on quite an objective feel, they became very ‘accurate’. With  Alex’s description, I felt that I tried to mix this up a bit and look at scale. Because his description was of the space immediately around him from his seated position at his desk I sort of  recreated  the scenario in my own space by working into the corner and adding the detail as described. I think this creates an interesting contrast, and I think, given more time I’d probably look into this idea a bit more.

My plan for the remainder of the week is to work on some drawings from observation of the actual objects/details and then try  to form a group for the necessary collaboration in part 2 of the drawing project.