Week 6 – 31/10/16

This week I felt I struggled a little bit, both in the painting workshop session and in my own practice. The workshop was interesting,  working collaboratively, large scale, with projectors etc, however our group didn’t produce much actual painting because of difficulty setting up the projectors and time restraints on using the project space.

I think that I often find collaborative tasks difficult because painting, for me, is a very personal experience and we were all on different wavelengths about what we wanted  from the piece/the activity  in general; there was no real translation of the ideas onto the paper. Personally, I feel quite a lot of disconnection from these workshops because of their abstract nature, I find learning technical skills  more useful as it is something I can combine into my own practice – so I’m unlikely to continue working on any of the workshop projects for now.

I had a few days sick as well this week, and had trouble finding any sort of flow in my studio work. I had planned to paint portraits – only for a short period of time for experimental purposes, however I underestimated how long it would take to paint such pictures and haven’t really found the motivation to make anything of any value -I haven’t really made anything yet. I had a brief meeting with my tutor about this, and found that I’ve been overthinking a lot of elements in my practice. I’d been trying to combine my ideas about art in a domestic environment and paintings that include imagery and connect with the viewer – but in doing so, had reached a sort of dead end; although conceptually I had a lot of ideas, this was not coming across in my work. The challenge for the next few weeks is to try and make rather than conceptualise, and form ideas about my work during my work, rather than making  work that communicates a certain message or answers a question.

I’ve starting working on this painting based on a photo I took that I found really interesting. I respond quite a lot to images like these, so I think regardless of the direction I decide to take, I’m going to try and start documenting people and scenarios to have readily available reference materials that are interesting in themselves.