Week 11 – 05/12/16

The week started with our curation crit – I was really pleased with how it went, there seemed to be a general feeling on both sides that the activity had been a learning curve and perhaps an impetus for further work. It was a little disappointing that some of the artists didn’t show up, as it would have been nice to hear the opinions of some of the artists who had maybe been less involved or had problems with the process. Overall I think that the issues that we faced with hanging, publicity, and disagreements with artists were ultimately resolved and I’d like to  think that we were helpful and professional throughout. We were all very much involved with the process and so we were all able to contribute during the crit and answer questions about curatorial decisions.

Our hand screen printed leaflet, folded in an irregular pattern with artist names and statements on the reverse

Aside from this I had quite a busy week – on Tuesday I had a 2/3rd year group crit, which was quite helpful in terms of looking at my practice in a different perspective. Although not many people showed up, it was refreshing to get a totally different group of people’s opinions on my work. When making, it can be really hard  to step back and look at the work as a whole rather than just a string of works. They picked up on the fact that I’m continuously using found objects in my work, which is something I don’t often think about. I think on a subconscious level I use these found materials and leave the works relatively unfinished because It provides added interest to  the work before I even begin. I think as well it reaffirms the painting’s ‘object-ness’ and becomes less of an image and more of a physical thing. I did go through a phase where I was really interested in expanded painting and assessing the limitations of a painted image, and this has flowed in to my work quite a bit. I put myself under a lot of pressure not to be boring or predictable – I want to make work that is quite new/unconventional, and because I often doubt my painting skill, this is how I process this. It was also mentioned that I maybe don’t need  to paint, as I already posses the reference image which essentially says the same thing – but there is something about paint’s materiality and its immediate connotation of ‘art’ that keeps me interested. The process, which requires a lot of time – I think adds value, compared to an image that takes less than a second to capture in a photograph.


I also had a drawing workshop this week, again, not many people showed up, so I think on a personal level I was bit disappointed, as I was looking forward to working with people from a different year group. It was quite difficult initially to get into I think – I’d booked the topic at the start of the year and so the theme wasn’t hugely relevant to me now, but it was nice almost to step out of my creative practice and do a separate project based  on something completely  different. I collected quite a lot of footage and photographs based on the brief – in the end my main focus was a piece of textured glass that was opaque from a distance, but when I put my lens right against it I was able to see the vague shapes of people and buildigs on the other side.

I really liked the blurred, wetness of these images – although they are really uncertain you get a weird sense of seeing things through the eye of a something organic.

this was my outcome – the piece was collaborative, however I think because there were so few of us at the workshop, it was difficult to merge the works into each other and make the piece inclusive. We communicated verbally, but when it came to the task of drawing, everyone sort of allocated themselves an area and stuck to it. Personally I was really happy with what I produced – what started out trying to represent the texture of the opaque glass gradually became a sort of bugs eye view. Then alongside the cctv camera  drawings I added (trying to blend my  work into that of the person next to me) it could almost be a collection of monitor screens. I think while thinking quite a lot about the conceptualisation behind my practice, this project was a welcome break  really. It was nice to produce something without consequence and spend an isolated period of time doing something continuously and exclusively. I think when I am able to make a work like this, very quickly and in a focused way, I’m so much happier with the result. I’m sort of motivated now to start making again.