Week 12 – 12/12/16

This week, my main focus was preparation before the winter break, trying to make sure I had some sort of idea about my plans for my future practice and also my essay. I had a group tutorial session this morning – I was a little bit unprepared,and again, quite confused about the specific direction of my practice. I spoke a bit about the ideas talked about in the 3rd year crit last week, anyhow my work revolves around found objects and whether this is important, and also raised concerns that there is not really a clear link between the portraiture work I was doing and the larger projection piece. Th general feedback was just to continue development, and that in terms of direction, my large projection drawings were more successful. this work is again something that I want to continue with, but have not yet approached – I’m hoping that the break will refresh me a bit and clear my mind ready to come back to these works in the new year with a new perspective.

One thing I was quite excited by this week was a few photos I found while looking for reference email. I found a lot of pictures of my mum and dad from when they were about my age – as images I think they’re really interesting, and perhaps more genuine as reference material than some of the photos I’ve been trying to take in the house of my flatmates. Again, not really sure how I’m going to utilise these images, but from an aesthetic perspective, I really like them and might like to use them somehow in my work, even just as something to paint when I am feeling relatively uninspired. I might try and make my work more pictographically – a representation of an image where the subject is the focus, not the style – however this might pose problems with my work becoming quite time consuming and even more difficult to approach.