Week 15 -23/01/17

As part of the skills workshop, we were asked to come up with a piece of writing to present. I don’t really know why, but I was compelled to write this sort of poem about an experience I have had in my current job as a dog sitter. One of my clients is someone who lives alone with just her dog, probably in her 50s, and from what I gather, doesn’t really have an extensive support network around her. The writing is about my encounters with her home – the weirdness of being in the house of a stranger, and seeing little clues that worry me, but I have no place in discussing with her. I tried to capture the sense of uncertainty in our relationship – are we acquaintances, friends, or strangers? It’s really odd being in someones personal, private environment when they are not there and while doing my job, stumbling across little things that I am not sure I should be noticing.On the other hand, I think there is a sense of mutual appreciation – she is very hospitable and it’s nice to be in a homely  environment that is a far cry from my student flat. I think it’s also comforting that she has support in knowing that there is someone who will let the dog out and do mundane things around the house – occupying the empty space. This is a copy of the poem I produced:


I got some really nice feedback in the session about personal connections people could draw. The vagueness of it allowed for many interpretations – I hadn’t really thought that much about subjectivity in writing, as it’s a very deliberate and universal method of communication. This task has allowed me to think outside the box; I think that even if writing does not become a part of my practice, I’m definitely excited to explore this more and take up creative writing on my own. I really enjoyed stepping out of my comfort zone with this one.

I’ve also  been continuing working on my projection paintings – I think I will try and get some more footage of viewing to layer up, and might even use appropriated imagery etc from the media being watched in the videos. I made up 2 large canvases this week that I hope to try and get finished before the upcoming deadline for BA2a. I think at the moment I will mainly be thinking about hand-in and getting logistical things done, so I need to be careful to maintain my work ethic and not stray from what I actually want to do.