Week 17 -06/02/17

I finished a draft of my essay over the weekend, I’m still  sort of in a bit of confusion with it – my fatal error was that I didn’t have a set in stone plan for the essay and what I wanted to argue. I’ve been doing lots of research however because I had quite a general focus it was difficult to reference specific points that were relevant. I sent the draft to one of the tutors and got some really helpful feedback, and so I think I’m at a point where I’m happy with it and have everything finalised.

I then started to continue painting – I finished one of the ones on paper and I’m really happy with the result. After some feedback from someone in my studio I decided to paint in the numbers that I had used to identify the film I was using and the specific time frames that I’d painted from. I think as a title it’s nice, although they’re essentially they are a collection of numbers, it hints to the video, which I think is important. I’m thinking of mounting it somehow to make it look a bit more substantial


I then started painting on one of my canvases after re-stretching them both – I’ve painted the ground freehand, working from one of the ‘sketches’ from projection. currently I’m quite happy with it, however don’t know how I’ll incorporate the different frames – I think I want to make it quite warped – showing movements as two separate people and then maybe layering a different film over it using only the silhouettes of the subjects in different locations.