Week 18 -13/02/17

I’ve been focusing on organising all of my work for hand in and making final adjustments to my essay. In the pre-assessment tutorial it was nice to get some general feedback on my most recent work.


People commented on the painting beyond the initial projection drawings appearing quite static, so this is something I might want to think about. I don’t think it really matters to me that it is explicitly obvious that the works began as video, as ultimately although I wanted to show movement, the overall idea was about the static nature of the viewer and how we look when we are viewing. I might consider painting from projection over the current ground on the canvas (which was painted from a sketch rather than the video footage.) I think the reason for the static-ness is that I am not working at speed because I am focusing on keeping proportions right and capturing the right expressions. Perhaps a way of combating this is to keep the ground effectively ‘traced’ and then working into the painting totally freehand afterwards.

I’d also like to document the process a bit more – so that the painting does not totally loose its initial connections with video, while still being substantial and worked into. Something that I also want to look at is space – the videos all in some way capture the domestic space, so it is important to me that I fully understand this space and translate the depth into my work.

Looking back on this unit, I’m really happy with what I’ve produced – however in future I think I’d like for my development to be more visual than verbal/written. I want to fully explore how I work and what I like about my paintings. I’d also like to see how I can expand from this. Last year it was really important to me to be able to move beyond 2 dimensions, and so  it would be interesting to see how projecting works on a 3-dimensional object I think. I definitely want to look at more exhibition opportunities and to start thinking about how my comments on the viewer move into the real of the exhibition.