Week 20 – 27/02/17

This week has been about having a bit of a  break from my practice again in preparation for the start of the new unit. I think having been quite stressed over hand-in my creativity hasn’t necessarily been flowing and so I’ve come home to London again.

Thinking about reflection, I think I’m very happy with the body of work I’ve managed to produce, however am unsure as to how it will be marked/if my grade will reflect the amount of effort I’ve put in over the course of the year. I’m hoping that it will give me some inkling as to whether the way I’ve been working so far has been ‘right’necessarily, and whether I need to change the way I document. I want to start working more in the sketchbook and make use of sketches etc to describe and explain my ideas in fewer words.

However, outside of this reflection, I am keen to start writing more creatively, and possibly including it in my practice. Writing is something I’ve always done, more for pleasure than anything else, and I’m thinking maybe this enthusiasm will give me a bit of a boost continuing on from my current work. It is a very immediate form of communication, which I like, especially when I can take hours to finish one painting that essentially ends up being one image. The trouble is integrating this more imaginative form of analysis and personal documentation into my very visual practice, is it possible to combine the two? This is something I need to continue thinking about going into next term.