Week 21 – 06/03/17

I received feedback Monday, I’m quite happy with my result however I would have liked to have done a bit better. I struggled to really understand the written feedback I’d been given. In response to the learning outcomes, I couldn’t really grasp where I’d gone wrong and couldn’t really tell what I could have improved on because it was about specific works being successful/unsuccessful rather than relating to the marking criteria.

Having gone to the session with my tutor I was a bit more comfortable with it. Essentially it was about making more works and further exploring themes around them – developing them one step more than they already were. I think the focus now will be researching less, and as suggested before, learn through making and through the process rather than a perception of an outcome. After the feedback I sort of wanted to scrap one of my works in progress entirely, it was pointed out that it’s quite flat and doesn’t have the same sense of movement of some of my other projection paintings – this was down to the fact I painted a ground from reference rather than from a moving image and so I was careful when  painting the figures. I’ve decided to work on it quite freehand for now, and then continue painting with a projection on top of  this.



I’m also thinking about exhibiting some of my works/playing around with projection over image and projection over life. I’ve bought myself a small digital projector which I want to use to project images of my work/moving image back into the space of the initial recordings, and play around with what happens when I distort/layer things. I’m also thinking of inviting other people I live with to collaborate. I think as a space, our house is really interesting because as well as being a domestic environment, it’s also a space of creation and discussion, and so it might be nice to hold some sort of exhibition-esque event there to display all of  the work that has been made in the space in conjunction with items that are always in the house.