Week 22 – 13/03/17

Currently I’m working on the cross course collaboration with Games Art & Design, making a film based on an image/artefact. I really enjoyed going beyond the scope of our course. Although all courses at the university are creative, to me fine art seems less grounded, and because its open to interpretation its often difficult to communicate/collaborate with people outside of the course. As a group we decided to take quite a humorous stance on the project based on our image of an angora rabbit. After looking a the Castle Museum’s taxidermy collection we started to think about the idea of excess, texture of fur itself and its ability to obscure something/someone. Initially we were sort of stuck as to how to translate this into film, and so we chose to leave the conceptualisation until after we looked at possible materials etc. Although this was sort of a reverse way of doing it, it allowed us to be quite spontaneous and we gradually built on ideas rather than coming up with a concept and sticking to it.


We ended up coming up with the concept of obscuring and excess, using a toy wind-up rabbit and covering it with ‘fur’ until it became unable to function, and ultimately becomes an unidentifiable mass on the floor. I think our finished film was quite funny, which is something we wanted from the beginning, however it was quite challenging to work in a group situation and it could have been more successful. To be honest I think because of the nature of the project, there was a general lack of enthusiasm/involvement, and it was difficult to come up with much of a concept before we reached the stage of having to make the film. I think given more time, we would have been able to make something more substantial, however it was difficult to arrange meetings over the course of the week because of the interchange, and we didn’t really have a plan to follow. I felt that I was having to direct the group a little bit, and even then it was difficult because there wasn’t a lot of feedback on suggestions, so it became a challenge to come up with something cohesive. I think again, given more time we would have more success because we could have worked through it a bit and taken more time to discuss and really get involved with the project.

I also did a few interchange projects this week. I took part in a 3 hour life-painting session Wednesday evening. It was really helpful to learn how to manipulate the paint in such a short space of time. it’s something I think I’d like to do again in relation to my current practice, my trouble at the moment is trying to work quite quickly to create the idea of motion and creating a realistic connection between viewer and subject. I was really happy with my outcome – I was using oils and so it was exciting to go back to this medium after using acrylics for quite a while. I’ve booked another couple of sessions in, as I talked about before I think they are useful just as practice painting the figure and to get me painting.





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