Week 27 – 08/05/17

Again this week I’ve mainly been handling work for submission and organising my essay. I’ve found the digital submission format quite challenging, I find that I prefer to keep a physical document of my work, including written work. For me it just feels more permanent like this, and more finalised. I find it easier to spot errors when documenting like this too, I’m a little bit concerned about submitting something digitally and having it get corrupted or not display like I want it to. Hopefully working in this way will improve my digital skill, and when it comes to handling proposals etc I will be more confident.

Also this week I helped one of my friends make an alginate head cast. The process took around an hour, and I was responsible for being moral support as well as making sure her airways/nostril holes remained clear.


I actually  found the process quite intimidating, it was really surreal – because she could not talk, move her face, see etc, she became virtually inanimate. It’s impossible to tell whether or not she is comfortable; whether although she is still, she is mentally really claustrophobic. When she’d initially asked if I’d help her out I didn’t think much of it, but there was something really strange about talking to essentially a mask , I wasn’t expecting to feel so uncomfortable – I think most of it stemmed from lack of facial expression, you don’t realise how important a part of communication it is until it is removed.


Although I have virtually no experience in sculpture I was very interested with the process – as a painter of portraits I try to capture the essence of a person, whereas this is making an exact replica. It’s interesting to see the face, it does look like her but in some ways, doesn’t. It sort of draws your attention to the importance of colour and expression, it still looks  an object, not a person.