Week 14 – 16/01/17

For the most part, this week I’ve been continuing to experiment with painting from projection, and then painting without reference, trying to use my already recorded footage as a basis for my work.

Currently I’m still working on rolls of paper for cost effectiveness, but will probably be scaling up to canvases soon. These works are mostly grounds at the moment, but I plan to keep working on them using appropriated imagery and stills as reference material until they are substantial finished pieces.

I also started the second set of workshops, skills 9,10,11 on Tuesday. I chose text out of the options that we had – partly because I want to develop my writing skill in a way that makes it more concise and effective and partly because I have a general interest in creative writing. We visited¬†Utopia,¬†a project by Rory MacBeth in Norwich, where the entirety of Thomas Moore’s utopia is painted onto the surface of a disused building that was scheduled for demolition in 2009. Obviously the work was meant to be temporary, but has remained intact and disused for several years, sectioned off by fences to keep out squatters and/or vandals. We were then asked to come up with a short text about the building, whether it be fictional, critical or descriptive. Me and a few others decided to breakfast the barrier to be able to see the building up close. I was really intrigued by it as a space or ‘no place’ as the literal meaning of ‘utopia’ indicates.


I chose to write a sort of critical piece of writing on utopia about my opinions of it as an artwork and as a space:

img007.jpgI quite enjoyed the exercise, as it prompted me to think about the use of words as an artistic tool, however I think that I didn’t really get much out of it in terms of physical skill.